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Pregnancy always brings unexpected challenges. But for expecting mothers, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down in a way they never anticipated. Giving your pregnant loved one extra support can make a huge difference. From directing her toward experts in emotionally healthy parenting like Eliza Parker of Conscious Baby to being generous with gifts, here’s how you can help your loved one have an enjoyable pregnancy.

Celebrating With Your Loved One 

Isolation doesn’t have to mean loneliness. Here’s how to celebrate your loved one’s pregnancy safely.

  • Send out invitations to friends and relatives for a joyful virtual baby shower!
  • Is your loved one excited about revealing her baby’s gender? Host a gender reveal party over video chat.
  • Head outdoors to snap some memorable maternity photos of your loved one before her due date.
  • If your loved one has had to cancel her “babymoon,” help her brainstorm ideas for a fun staycation.

Planning for Childbirth

Your loved one may be wondering how to outline her birth plan in the face of this pandemic. You can offer sound advice.

  • Double-check that your loved one is up to speed with the precautions she should take before attending doctor’s appointments in the midst of the pandemic.
  • A home birth could be a good option for your loved one if she is having a low-risk pregnancy, but considering the risks with her is crucial, too.
  • If you know of qualified lactation consultants in your area, send recommendations to your loved one.
  • Is your loved one curious about baby-led parenting? Help her connect with a trusted consultant like Conscious Baby’s Eliza Parker.

Presents for Mothers-To-Be

Ready to go shopping for your loved one? Here are a few uplifting gift suggestions.

  • Your loved one might appreciate a baby carrier, such as a sling or backpack.
  • Consider purchasing a comfortable nursing bra or tank for your loved one – this is a must-have for breastfeeding!
  • Pick up artwork to decorate the walls of the new baby’s nursery.
  • Collect items for a postpartum gift basket and arrange for it to be delivered to the hospital.

No mother can truly prepare for being pregnant during a pandemic. This turn of events has been difficult and frustrating for everyone. But by showing your loved one your support, you can ensure that these nine months are still a magical time for her.

Do you or a pregnant loved one have an interest in gentle, baby-led parenting? Working with sleep consultant Eliza Parker through Conscious Baby can be a transformative experience. Contact us today through our website to learn more!