Conventional sleep advice not feeling right?

There’s a reason your baby or toddler isn’t sleeping well. Have peace of mind—I speak ‘Baby’ and can help you figure out why. Learn how to help your child feel safe and sleep more peacefully without using “cry it out” or sleep training.


How I work

Sleep is not just about what happens when Baby’s eyes are closed.

Sleep is not a skill–it’s a state, an innate biological function. 

What we need to do is find the underlying reason why your child isn’t relaxing fully and address that

When it seems like your child is fighting sleep, it means s/he’s communicating something very important.

Rather than enforce a sleep plan or control your child… 


…we need to listen!

I help parents of ages 0 – 2.5 figure out why your child isn’t sleeping so we can help him or her feel safe, relax, and sleep more deeply.

Many sleep consultants never engage your child. It is of utmost importance to me that your child be an integral part of our work together.

We can work online or in person.


Hello! I’m Eliza.

I believe babies are highly aware individuals, born with the ability to learn and communicate, to experience emotions and stress, and to work through them both with support. 

When you can be there for your child through this process, you’ll both find much more peace–and sleep.

My approach to sleep comes from Aware Parenting, of which I’m a certified Instructor. I’m also a certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator, Body-Mind Centering®Practitioner, and trained Feldenkrais®practitioner.

My life-changing perspectives and respectful solutions toward common parenting questions transcend “typical” parenting advice.

I can’t wait to work with you and your baby!

Hear from other mamas!

Eliza is an intuitive, insightful, amazingly aware, attuned, sensitive, extraordinary person who I would list as one of the most impactful people in my life when it comes to how I raise my child. And I’m not even just talking about this year, or this decade. I’m talking about my entire life. 

She brought a perspective to my life that was absolutely and completely life changing, both through helping me with my daughter’s and my emotional needs and by educating me on infant movement, which is so much more than just motor skills. How we exist in our physical bodies is absolutely connected to our emotional lives.

And when I recommend her, I don’t say oh, Eliza gave us this list of things to do, and they changed our life. I say she was the catalyst for a complete shift in consciousness. And then other things started to make sense. And it all kind of went from there. Kind of like how babies learn to move. It’s one small thing, and then another thing, and that leads to another thing.

If I could give one gift to a new mom, it would be a session with Eliza.

Liz Wolfe

of Baby Making and Beyond, NTP, author, and podcaster

I was concerned about cost, but we were able to…

…gently help our little one feel more comfortable with expressing her feelings instead of sucking her thumb to self-soothe, and we found that sleep improved.

I loved how personal it was, that we used video chat and could see each other, and how many different factors Eliza considered in order to help our family. Very very personalized!

Lindsey in CA

It was hard to see the value ahead of time…

…so the price seemed like a lot. But I gained so much confidence as a parent. I was confused and overwhelmed at all the things I thought I should be doing.  Eliza gave me a lot of freedom to just listen and be with my son, not having to “do” anything per se, but more the freedom to be present. It’s been a huge gift to our family.  

Eliza has an unassuming expertise and ability to see and hear babies. We would never have realized some things without her loving guidance.

She helped us change the course of our parenting.  We are more patient, we look for root emotions rather than just aiming for behavior modification, and we have faith in our little guy to communicate effectively in the ways he knows how. We couldn’t have seen these things without her guidance.



I was skeptical that the online platform would not be an adequate interface…

…to really have you help identify problems/solutions [regarding our baby’s motor development], but that was not the case. I also wondered whether this is really something I should “splurge” on, although the cost was not excessively high.

I found your advice to be very helpful and thoughtful and relevant to my baby’s needs. You were very encouraging and positive along with providing constructive advice.

I appreciated the follow up information that you provided for reference. I also appreciated how much you personally connected with us as a family.

I was impressed with the ease of usinngn the onnline platform, annd I would recomend your services to anyone who has a concern about movement development as I did.


Hi mamas! We just had a magical session with Eliza, and I cannot express how great her work is. We’ve been practicing Aware Parenting since our baby was born, and I still learned so much. We ended up having an incredible breakthrough (one I had no idea was needed). Pretty incredible stuff. Just wanted to share in case anyone is on the fence about working with her. Eliza has a gift I’ve never seen before. She’s been a game changer in our lives, and I cannot recommend her work enough.
Laura Bruner

Modern Mamas Podcast

I felt hesitant about price, although I found it to be very fair…

…after having worked with Eliza. I found I was supported so solidly and so gently by Eliza myself, and that so much of what my kids were experiencing was an extension of my own hurts. I also found that my children respond so well to a gentler way of parenting that focuses on truly listening and being present.

I think it is amazing that I was also able to get my son belly crawling with Eliza’s help, which was so crucial to his development.  

I love that Eliza supports the parent and the parents’ needs and takes the session wherever it needs to go. It sometimes turned into a personal session for me, which is exactly what I needed.The emotional support Eliza provides is unparalleled.

Alie G

Have questions?

Do you work remotely?

Yes! I’ve worked with families online all over the world for several years, even pre-pandemic!

Are online sessions effective?

Absolutely. I’ve been working online for several years, pre-pandemic, and I’m skilled at facilitating a connection through the screen.

Babies and toddlers are highly aware, and they communicate in many different ways. They’re not held back by distance and a computer screen!

In fact, online sessions are often the most magical because of the heightened sense of focused attention.

It also allows a little more normalcy to your baby’s process, which helps us discover what’s going on.

I’ve worked fully online since a few years before Covid-19. I’m able to facilitate interaction with your child through the screen and take you through the process effectively.

Will you work with us if we use a crib? If we cosleep?

Yes and yes. I don’t work from rules about sleeping arrangements, that’s not my style! We’ll let your baby show us whatever she or he needs to, listen to everyone’s needs, and go from there.

What's the best age to start?

We can begin at any time, as early as you’re ready. We’re working in the realm of relationship and communication, not training, so there’s no age too young. Relationship is relevant at any time, from the very beginning onward (I work up to age 2 and a half-ish). 

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