These are products and resources that will support your baby’s development and your parenting choices. I’ve used these myself and recommend them. Some links on this page are affiliate links. As an affiliate with Amazon and Dr Cowan’s Garden, I earn from qualifying purchases.


Aware Parenting, Aletha Solter Ph.D

Motor development

Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME)

Others I recommend

Well regarded book in the gentle / conscious parenting community

Extremely helpful if you’re healing your own past experience with an “emotionally immature.”

What’s wrong with parentese… ah-ha’s about “good job,” “give me a kiss,” “you’re ok,” “say sorry,” and lots more.

Absolute must-read if you’re HSP or not sure (highly sensitive to sensory stimulation and/or emotions).

Focused on the highly sensitive child

Much of my approach to helping babies and toddlers process their birth story, I learned from this author!

Alfie Kohn (Aletha mentions his work) explains why both punishments and rewards can create resentment, decrease motivation, and harm relationships.

This is a positive take on the Enneagram. I find it helpful in understanding individual differences and personalities! Addresses children and parents.

About children who are very spiritual, sensitive, or have unique ‘gifts’, some of whom are wrongly labled or diagnosed.

Toys, Devices, & Kiddo Books

Perfect “first” toy. Supports “midline” at 3 mo and beyond. Easy to grasp and can see your face through it!

Easy to grip, adds sound

For teething, gives access to all areas in mouth.

Some of my past nanny babies enjoyed this one.

If you need a device, go for an incline. Avoid Bumbo and other upright devices.

Great book for babies/kids, and will help normalize breastfeeding in our cutlure!

Sleep and Well-being

Helpful for some babies, especially if sensitive. Please research safe volume.

To help purify the air you and your baby breathe!

Natural Postpartum Care & Guide

Lisa is part of our family of “Conscious Baby” mamas! Her etsty store is full of safe, natural products and a guide (book) for mama and baby. She says: “our botanicals are herbalist formulated using carefully sourced organic ingredients, and are made to order in our apothecary.”

Nutrient dense veggie powders!!

I LOVE love LOVE these veggie powders from Dr. Cowan’s Garden. I use them daily. All organic, and a great way to add variety of nutrition to baby’s and your own meals!

Revive Essential Oils

I use Revive Essential Oils. I am not an affiliate, nor do I sell it. But if you use this link, you and I both receive $10 off!

Revive oils are high quality like YL and DoTerra, but not MLM. Please check your oils of choice for suggested age on their chart.