Aware Parenting Approach

A highly respectful, attachment based philosophy of raising children focused on listening and connection

What is Aware Parenting?

Developed by Aletha Solter, Ph.D., developmental psychologist, Aware Parenting is based on current research about attachment, child development, cross-cultural studies, and trauma.

All big feelings and behaviors have a legitimate need underneath. Aware Parenting recognizes this and addresses children in non-punitive ways that foster their inherent communication skills and sense of worth.

It questions common assumptions about raising children and proposes a different way of interacting that can significantly improve relationships for the long run within families and with others.

The baby and toddler years

During the first year, you’ll establish foundations for communication, relationship, emotional habits, and so much more. Aware Parenting brings life-changing insight and clarity to help you set up these foundations effectively and authentically.

Aware Parenting can help you and your child with:

  • Sleep challenges
  • Extended crying even when all needs have been met
  • Tantrums and other challenging toddler behaviors
  • Understanding fears and helping your child feel safe
  • Releasing tensions and processing difficult or traumatic situations
  • Encouraging good communication and listening skills

Childhood and beyond

Parents who follow this approach and lifestyle raise children who are naturally cooperative, compassionate, and non-violent.

But you’ll not raise not only an emotionally-wise child with a solid sense of self. This is also about our next generation of compassionate, wise, effective problem-solving, critically thinking, and empowered leaders, teachers, parents, neighbors…

Listening to this baby’s story

What do you do when your baby cries even after needs have been met? S/he is indeed trying to tell you something. Even young babies are skilled communicators! 

We practiced Aware Parenting with our daughter from the time she was 6 months old, with such wonderful results that it became the foundation of our parenting. Focusing on deep connection, respect, & communication while making parenting decisions was a powerful approach for us.

It also had implications I was not prepared for – in the best way. Not only did it teach me how to be a much more conscious parent, but it facilitated a deep awareness of personal healing that I so badly needed. Using the tools that we acquired for our children, I was able to AwareParent myself, with grace, compassion, and respect on my own journey towards emotional wellness.

Amanda B, Toronto, Canada

Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach, Amanda Naturally

THANK YOU for helping me learn to listen to my daughter. I know I’m not perfect and I don’t “nail it” every time, but I think that’s OK.

Liz Wolfe

NTP, of Baby Making and Beyond, Balanced Bites Podcast, author of Eat the Yolks

“It’s OK to cry.”

I was with friends over the weekend, and my heart melted when my friend said that to his son. I believe this is one of the ways we change the next generation of boys.

We cannot expect our sons to be empathetic, caring, and mindful, if we stifle their emotions, brush off their cries, and punish them for “unreasonable” reactions. It’s easy to forget that they are children and they are just learning the world…heck, it can be a bit overwhelming even for us adults.

Ultimately, I think we all want connection with our kids, for them to trust that we will love them whether they are perfectly behaved or completely unbalanced. Sitting and supporting them through these big emotions is a way we can do it.

I’m learning to embrace the cries, because I find a calm and balanced kiddo on the other side. But man, some days are harder than others!



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