Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here–

and your beautiful DeafBlind child too!


You’re entering a wonderful, rich new journey that many parents will never know. Your child has so much to show you and offer the world!

It’s of utmost importance that you feel supported and find role models who are DeafBlind themselves. They’ve lived it and can show you how to navigate successful and delightful experiences!

Your DeafBlind child’s natural communication is through touch. Did you know there’s a language completely accessible through touch? It’s called “Protactile language,” and it’s the coolest! It’s a rich language that will help you connect and fully communicate with your child.

I run Conscious Baby, but I’m also a certified sign language interpreter, immersed in the Deaf and DeafBlind communities. Here are some resources I trust!

DeafBlind & Protactile Language Resources

Touch Seeds

Website >

Consulting for communicating with your child, behaviors, school services, and all aspects of your child’s life with Hayley Broadway, educator and Protactile expert.

Your DeafBlind child is not a medical problem who needs to be fixed. S/he is a beautiful little human who is about to bring you along on a rich journey! The “problem” usually arises due to language and a lack of communication. Touch must be embraced for your child to thrive.

Read more about Protactile, co-presence, and Hayley’s story here >


Protactile Kids

Website >

Early exposure to language is critical. PT Kids is investigating early language acquisition for DeafBlind children through the touch-based protactile language. Children themsleves contribute to language development! 


DeafBlind Kids!

Website >

Learn about Protactile language, how to support and communicate with your child, and the criticalness of “co-presence” during shared daily experiences.


Protactile Research Network

Website >

Browse people, projects, publications, and resources related to Protactile language.


John Lee Clark

Website >

DeafBlind author and Protactile Educator


DB YEA! (DeafBlind Youth Engagement & Advocacy)

Website >

Find support for your famiy here with mentors and leaders who are DeafBlind themselves.

Events are held in Austin, TX and surrounding areas.


Protactile: A Language of Touch

Watch on PBS webpage here >

PBS special on American Masters

Meet the founders and educators of Protactile language in this beautiful 17 min documentary!

Or reach out to me

You can also contact me directly and I’ll connect you with these wonderful people! 

Conscious Baby Resources


Has your child been assumed to have “behavior problems”?  All behavior is communication. I know there are difficult times as a parent, and I’m sorry you’ve experienced this labeling. Here’s what’s really going on:

Children need to understand and process feelings around early experiences, including birth, specialist visits, medical interventions, and any stressful or traumatic situations. More here >

Motor Development

It’s more important than ever that your DeafBlind baby has a chance to “measure” where their body is in relation to the floor. This will help balance, coordination, and safety. More here >

This is called “Baby-led” motor development.


Touch and movement are the first senses to develop in the womb. Your DeafBlind child is intimately connected with this incredible wisdom!