Promote optimal development by preserving the innate abilities babies are born with

You may not know that how you hold, move, and interact with your baby can set up lifelong habits.

Babies are highly aware people with innate abilities to move, learn, and communicate. Yet many common parenting practices override some of these innate abilities and create unintended outcomes.

I’ll show you how to preserve those abilities from the beginning through your everyday interactions and help you create a magical connection with your baby.

Finding conflicting advice? My approach focuses on identifying and addressing underlying needs, rather than solely on symptoms. I’ll get you started on a path of gentle parenting that follows baby-led development. My basis is relationship, connection, and treating your baby as a respectable person.

In my Baby Prep! Package, you will learn:

Motor Development

  • Track milestones and help your baby meet them in his/her own timing
  • Make tummy time enjoyable from the start
  • Ensure crawling (we can get very close)
  • Prevent common motor problems
  • Foster learning and reading skills
  • What to do with your baby when awake

Relaxing, sleep, and emotional ‘intelligence’

  • Improve sleep
  • Help your baby find emotional balance and calm
  • How babies release tensions and what it has to do with health and sleep
  • Recognize if Baby is still processing the birth experience

Relationship and parenting

  • Connect and communicate with your pre-verbal child
  • Understand non-verbal cues
  • Parent in a “gentle” and “natural” way
  • Build a magical relationship with your baby that will last a lifetime!

I really love the idea of not propping—I think it is SO important and no one talks about this!

Our work together filled in information for me that I felt like was missing—about promoting movement, handling, etc. I think it’s really, really important!


How we’ll work together:

Two 60-75 min video calls online

Calls are recorded so you can return to the information again once Baby is born

Detailed follow up notes, including a recap of what we covered, helpful handouts, and videos to help you remember the handling techniques

To be completed within 2 weeks, before Baby is born (unless s/he comes sooner!)

$325 USD 

The foundations you set up now will help your child thrive throughout life.

I’ll help you build authentic connection, create a magical bond, and reveal your baby’s innate wisdom and skills–which may surprise you!


Thank you for putting forth no “baby trapping” devices!

My now 3 yo is a spunky active little girl – climbing, dancing, skiing and biking with great skill.

It is so remarkable next to her peers how different her motor skills are. It was instinctive to me and your advice felt more like permission to follow my instinct.



Follow this link to contact me and we’ll get you going!

Before listening to this podcast with Eliza, there were so many things I had not considered about interacting with my daughter and facilitating her movement.

I am trying to build a business from home, so I would regularly pop her into a saucer if I needed to get work done or get things done around the house.  We live in a small NYC apartment so there is not too much room for her to move around to begin with. 

After listening to this episode [Liz Wolfe’s Balanced Bites, #336 & 338], I rearranged my apartment and pushed all of the furniture to the perimeters (my living room no longer makes any sense).  I prioritized putting her down on the floor and spending tons of time down there with her. 

The week after I made this change she started belly crawling and traveling across the room by rolling. I think she was around 6 months old at this point.  By 8 months she was hands and knees crawling, which was truly fascinating to watch. 

As a strength coach and  total anatomy nerd, I loved Eliza’s explanation of crawling as a realization of left brain-right brain communication and felt so privileged to have this understanding as I watched this amazing milestone occur. 

Thank you again for sharing this and for contributing to my connection to my daughter and understanding of her development.  This has truly enhanced my journey.

Mama A

Personal Trainer