Craniosacral & bodywork for babies locally in Austin TX: I have several recommendations, please contact me directly.

Myofunctional practitioner to help with tongue tie

  • For adults and ages 4+, it is absolutely imperative you do myofunctional work both to prepare for the procedure and after. Do not skip this step. This is who I worked with, she is top notch in expertise, responsiveness, and communicating with patients. She keeps up on the latest research. She can work with folks online or in Austin TX. Tracey Brizendine > 
  • To find someone in your area IAOM Directory >

Aware Parenting support beyond my age range (I work best with newborn until turning 3 for sleep/behaviors, with the exception of birth story for 3 & 4 yo): Rebecca Sheikh, Flourishing Childhood >

Mama support: Birth preparation, birth story listening for mamas (and dads), coaching. Nicole’s work and mine are very complimentary–I focus a little more toward addressing the baby/toddler end, and she focuses a little more on the mama end. Nicole McCharen, Mama Bloom >

Baby & toddler classes, in person and online. Amy and Sarah are my colleagues in the Infant Developmental Movement Education work I teach as well in private sessions. Babies Project >