Keys to Infant and Toddler Sleep

The Wild and Wise  

In this conversation you will hear us talk about: 

  • The emotionally charged nature of sleep in the family system 
  • The connection of sleep and emotions 
  • “Sleep is a state, not a skill” 
  • Pent up feelings and stress as most common problem that interferes with sleep 
  • Crying as a natural way to release stress 
  • How learned habits of emotional expression can feel like instinct 
  • The connection of parents’ early childhood experiences and patterns with their babies 
  • Getting beyond the right or wrong of comfort nursing 
  • Exploring the underlying needs connected to sleep : emotional expression, closeness 
  • Crying in arms as a bonding experience 
  • Potential of crying becoming a pathway for communication 
  • The potential impact of cranial alignment and tongue tie on nursing, crying, and sleeping

How to help new parents assist your little ones with sleep and processing emotions

Postpartum Stories 

“This episode is a bit different then our usual postpartum stories. I had the pleasure of chatting with Eliza … on how we as parents can help support our babies and toddlers to process emotions. We talk about the Benefits of letting our children cry when they need to cry, not distracting or “fixing” the problem. She talks about the difference between cry it out and crying in arms. We talk about how care takers can do this work with grace and how sometimes it brings up triggers in our own childhood and it can be extremely challenging. There is a lot of good stuff in this one!”

Why isn’t my baby sleeping? with Eliza Parker

Nourished and Nourishing

“This week Michelle talks to Eliza Parker of Conscious Baby. She talks about babies and sleep and how to go about approaching establishing a schedule with a young baby. We talk about crying in arms and Aware Parenting and how this fits in with eat, play, sleep cycles. We also cover questions about babies sleeping on you versus in their crib, breastfeeding to sleep and babies soothing themselves to sleep with thumb sucking. This should help you troubleshoot your sleep issues for baby and set them up for having a relationship where they can express their emotions as they grow.”


Alternative Approach to Baby Sleep w/Eliza Parker – Crying in Arms

It Takes A Village Podcast

“Eliza Parker shares with us an alternative to sleep training. This approach by Aware Parenting focuses more on the cry and why we should look at our baby’s crying as a form of communication and how we can use that towards better nights rest for all!”

How sleep, processing feelings + self-regulation relates in babies (+ adults) with Eliza Parker

The Soul of Sensitivity Podcast

“Today we dig into the connections between emotions, the psyche, sleep and behavior in babies and toddlers AND adults. Eliza … shares her expertise on how sleep for little ones is connected to everything else, and how we (as highly sensitive parents) can learn to recognize the innate abilities of babies and toddlers for coping with birth, trauma, experiences, feelings and stimulation.

This conversation is not just for parents (but it WILL inform the the highly sensitive parent or the parent of a highly sensitive child). While speaking with Eliza, I noticed so many “ah-ha’s” for myself! Sleep, self-regulation and our ability to cope with life experiences are tools that all highly sensitive people need.”

Working Through Infant Sleep Challenges with Eliza Parker

Well Fed Women

For babies and toddlers, up to around age 2 & 1/2.

Healthier Alternatives To Crying It Out; Also Baby Led Development with Eliza Parker

Thrival Nutrition Podcast

“I’m so excited to sit down with Eliza … + we’re taking a little stab at modern parenting. It’s gentle, it’s gentle, PROMISE! Parents are looking for alternatives to crying it out + we want to be a resource for them! 

What we’re covering in today’s episode: * Why crying it out isn’t natural * How to understand your baby’s cues * After immediate needs are met, what do you do? * How to bond with your baby * Can babies stop crying by themselves? * Why you shouldn’t get bent out of shape with milestones * And more”

Part 1: Ep 25 Guest Interview – Eliza Parker on Aware Parenting

Part 2: Ep 26 Eliza Parker Discusses Crying in Arms and Aware Parenting for Sleep

Modern Mamas Podcast

Part 1: “In this episode we talk with Eliza … all about Aware Parenting… what it means, how to practice it, and why it’s important. This is part one in a series of talks we’ll be doing with this amazing guest, don’t miss it!”

Part 2: “In this episode we speak with Eliza … all about how to practice “Crying in Arms”, and Aware Parenting as it pertains to sleep. A must listen if you have questions on the real, actionable practice of Aware Parenting!”