Resolving Birth Experience to Help Baby Sleep

APPPAH’s Monday Live

I was thrilled to give this talk at APPPAH’s Monday Live! We chat about the effects I see of both resolved and unresolved birth stresses on sleep and development, signals to look for, and how I work with all this to help the whole family relax and bond more deeply.

APPPAH is the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health. 

How baby’s birth experience can affect sleep, crying, & behavior

The Modern Mamas Podcast

“In this episode, Laura sits down for a wisdom filled chat with Eliza Parker all about how birth experience can impact sleep, crying, and behavior in our littles. We share real life stories, talk about signs to look for, and actionable ways to help your little (and you) process birth experiences. This episode is fascinating! TW: this episode contains discussion about miscarriage and loss.”