Why crawling is important, baby led motor development

Postpartum Stories Podcast

“Another great episode this week with Eliza Parker all about baby led motor skill development. Why is crawling so important? Why we need to let our children learn on their own, and how we can guide but not DO everything for them. You don’t want to miss this one!”

Eliza Parker Returns for Belly Crawling!

The Modern Mamas Podcast

“In this episode, Laura sits down for a wisdom filled chat with Eliza Parker on her 4th MMP appearance. We dive deep into a topic with little recognition but immense importance: BELLY CRAWLING! The why, how, when, and what all in one place. We even talk about how EVERYONE should give it a try no matter what age and the reasons why movement and emotion are so intertwined. Don’t miss this one.”

Ep. 336: Baby-Led Movement & Milestones with Eliza Parker

Ep. 338: All About Crawling with Eliza Parker

Liz Wolfe, Balanced Bites Podcast

Ep. 336, Baby-Led Movement & Milestones Topics:

  • IDME and baby-led milestones
  • Baby propping devices
  • Examples of philosophy
  • Counsel and consultation
  • Paleo baby?
  • Tummy time

Ep. 338, All About Crawling Topics:

  • The concept of crawling
  • Propping devices
  • The magic of crawling
  • Creative options of crawling
  • Underlying needs
  • Skipping the crawling milestone
  • Setting up for success
  • Acting out as communication
  • What if my baby skips crawling
  • Crawling through cultures

 Healthier Alternatives To Crying It Out; Also Baby Led Development with Eliza Parker

Thrival Nutrition Podcast

“I’m so excited to sit down with Eliza … + we’re taking a little stab at modern parenting. It’s gentle, it’s gentle, PROMISE! Parents are looking for alternatives to crying it out + we want to be a resource for them! 

What we’re covering in today’s episode: * Why crying it out isn’t natural * How to understand your baby’s cues *  Can babies stop crying by themselves? * Why you shouldn’t get bent out of shape with milestones * And more”