Confidence and independence, how to communicate and understand emotions, how to sit and walk: these are often assumed as needing to be taught.

Actually, I find that these things are innate in typical development. The trick is knowing how to allow it and bring it out—and the process is very different from traditional/common parenting advice, different than how many of us were raised!

Below is my interview in the 2015 Women Living Consciously Telesummit. It was part of the process of becoming published in January by a book of the same name. You may have heard this if you also receive my newsletter!

In it I include:

  • A little about my personal journey and how it led me to the perspectives I hold today
  • How my work is different from traditional parenting advice
  • My top 3 baby tips for new parents
  • What difference it makes anyway
  • Insights on habits and how to create the foundation you always wanted for yourself—because if you don’t have a baby, or your children are grown, we all were babies once!

Here’s to the amazing children and parents out there, and the ways that we’re all bringing more awareness into life.

(No transcript available, but all information is included on my website.)


Interview memeEliza Parker is a certified Infant Developmental Movement Educator® (work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen), Aware Parenting Instructor (Aletha Solter, Ph.D), Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner, and trained Feldenkrais® Practitioner.

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