Hi folks,

With the holidays upon us, I’d like to share a post I wrote last December. I can’t “re-post,” so please follow this link:

Holiday Overstimulation–Let Baby Turn Away

The holidays and family gatherings seem to present decision-making opportunities to parents like no other time. How do you protect Baby’s space, needs, and your ways of relating while you’re around family members who may not understand or may feel differently?

Two examples: crying-in-arms and not prop-sitting. Both of these provide ample territory for potential ridicule. Think ahead about what choices you’ll be confronted with so you’re not caught off-guard. Protect Baby’s needs as much as you’re able to; and when you’re not, plan on some recuperation time with Baby later when you’re alone. Find fun ways to explain what’s happening, like, if Baby turns away from someone, “Oh look, isn’t that cool, he knows when he’s taken in as much as his brain can process, smart kiddo! He’ll look back at you in a minute.”

Have wonderful holidays enjoying Baby AND family!

There's his invitation to engage! as I pay attention to my camera...

There’s his invitation to engage! as I pay attention to my camera…