Want to know more about Aware Parenting or how it can help baby sleep better?

I had the enormous pleasure of speaking with Jess and Laura over at Modern Mamas Podcast about Aware Parenting (AwP). In these interviews, I share a lot of info about AwP, and we had some great discussion as they ask their own questions and share their mama experiences.

  • What is Aware Parenting
  • Why this stuff matters, on a grand scale–in addition to the everyday things
  • AwP as a lifestyle
  • Sleep! How to help Baby sleep better without a “Cry it out” approach!
  • Why babies cry beyond needs, how habits get set up, what it all has to do with sleep, and what to do about it


(No transcript available, coming soon)

Part 1: “Guest Interview – Eliza Parker on Aware Parenting”

Part 2: “Eliza Parker Discusses Crying in Arms and Aware Parenting for Sleep”