Why do babies fight sleep at bedtime and wake during the night?

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Moms very often come to me saying, “Why is my baby fighting sleep?!” Or you may find yourself saying this without even realizing it b/c it’s that ingrained in us.

This is absolutely understandable because it does legitimately look like they’re fighting.

Yes, your baby or toddler is fighting. But it’s not sleep they’re fighting. It is a myth and an assumption that they’re fighting sleep and therefore need to be taught how to sleep. Your baby already knows how to sleep, it’s required for survival.

“So what are you saying, since my baby isn’t sleeping…?” It doesn’t mean you’re failing or there’s something wrong with your baby! It means your wise child is trying to communicate, and we need to listen.

So if they’re not fighting sleep, then what?

The #1 reason when families come to me is pent up feelings or stress.

This pent up stress is not a “bad” thing, it’s normal. But it does make it much harder for your child to relax.

So what does this look like, how can you know if this is the case for your child and if these courses will help you?

It tends to turn up as one of a few things:

  • Crying beyond immediate needs, either now or in the past
  • Becomes busy, hyper, or wound up at sleep time
  • You have to do something in particular or else your child won’t sleep

There are other signals too that are more individual, such as negotiating at bedtime or they’re fine… until you try to transfer.

These are the kinds of things I go into in more depth in my “Why Babies Fight Sleep” courses.

There are two options of focus: Bedtime & Naptime Troubles and How to Manage Night Wakings.

Both include crucial information you need before implementing, strategies that apply to all scenarios, as well as many specific situations you can pick and choose from, depending on what you’re experiencing.

There are various ways I can help you.

Which of these is the most disruptive for you right now?

Getting to sleep at bedtime and/or naps

Waking up during the night