Welcome! Here’s how I recommend you use this course:

  • Start with the Introduction and Part 1 so you understand essential information before implementing.
  • Whether you need help with bedtime or naps, Part 2 will give you a baseline to work from, and this alone might solve your challenges.
  • From there, you can go to Part 3 or Part 4. In part 3, you can choose from specific scenarios, depending on what’s going on with your child. They apply to bedtime and naps. Part 4 solely focuses on naps.
  • Last, be sure to check out my ‘Bonus tip for transferring’ and my most Frequently Asked Questions in Part 5.

This class does not replace medical care. Any information provided here is not diagnostic, but for educational purposes. Some behaviors and symptoms discussed can also be an indication of serious emotional or physical problems. The information given is based on the assumption that your baby is healthy internally and externally. You remain responsible for your child’s health and are advised to consult a doctor when pain or illness is suspected.

Start Here!



Part 1: The information you need first

Includes what fighting sleep means; why sleep associations happen

Part 2: START HERE Strategies that apply to all scenarios

Includes “falling asleep on their own,” how to do “crying in arms,” and what to expect

Part 3: Specific Scenarios

0:00 Baby/toddler won’t go to sleep unless you (fill in the blank)

2:05 Baby won’t stop crying or can’t settle

0:00 Baby/toddler fine as long as you’re there, upset when you leave

8:05 Toddler won’t stay in bed/room unless you stay too

0:00 Baby won’t let you put him/her down

6:50 Falls asleep fine, can’t transfer / Wakes every time put in crib

10:10 Yo-yo: falls asleep, transfer, wakes, repeat

0:00 Falls asleep fine, wakes later

3:15 Baby or toddler takes forever to go to sleep

0:00 Nursing to sleep & weaning

0:00 Toddler won’t settle down / Seems sleepy, but becomes active, agitated, high strung

5:55 Toddler wants to stay up and play (but doesn’t seem tense or ‘busy’)

10:30 Tantrums, screaming, or aggression before bedtime

17:10 Toddler is demanding, bossy, keeps needing something

0:00 Won’t sleep in the crib

4:50 Will sleep, but only with pacifier

0:00 You’re trying to do CIA, but baby/toddler won’t cry (includes sucking thumb)

11:35 Does not want to be held for CIA or to go to sleep

0:00 Will only CIA with dad

6:25 Questioning whether it’s need to CIA vs something else

9:35 You feel triggered by your child’s resistance or not having time to yourself

Parts 4: Naps

Naps: The Information you need

Includes: sleep cycles, how much sleep, how to know when dropping a nap

Naps: Specific scenarios

0:00 Won’t nap unless held

8:25 Can be put down, but won’t sleep as long / Sleeps longer if held

10:50 “Cat nap”: wakes up after 10-20 min

13:30 Short nap: wakes up after 30-45 min

16:40 Naps aren’t consistent, you “never know”

22:20 Wakes up from naps crying

28:20 Skipping naps, but not rested, still tired/grumpy

33:40 Difficulty letting go and falling asleep

Bonus tip & let’s wrap it up!

Bonus tip! 

Positioning for transferring

Part 5: FAQs & Wrap up