Why Babies Fight Sleep:

Bedtime & Nap Troubles course

Trying to teach Baby not to fight sleep can end up feeling like you’re fighting each other.

What if you knew your baby isn’t actually fighting sleep? Sleep is innate. So the countless things you may have tried to get baby to sleep actually become emotional associations.

Help your baby or toddler fall asleep by addressing what she’s really fighting.

Sleep is also a state, so truly improving their ability to relax at bedtime requires addressing the state they’re in. This is why those other things can start backfiring.

And that’s why this program isn’t just another list of things you should or shouldn’t do to get your baby to sleep.

Why Babies Fight Sleep is a course that shows you how to listen to what your baby is communicating so you can address why your child is having a hard time relaxing.

By addressing these root causes now, not only will you address your sleep challenges, you’ll create more opportunities for connection and avoid the risk of overriding your child’s ability to communicate. The ‘fighting’ you’re seeing now can manifest as other difficult behaviors down the road.

When you can understand what your child is fighting, then you become an ally. When it’s time for her to go to sleep, you’ll be on the same team.

And you’ll build connection and a feeling of safety at same time.

Imagine addressing your baby’s underlying needs, building communication skills, increasing bonding, promoting your child’s sense of safety, and improving sleep all at the same time. It’s possible, mama!

Plus, you have the option for support so that you can interact with me as you implement.

Introducing my course

Why Babies Fight Sleep: Bedtime & Nap Troubles

For many parents, bedtime becomes exhausting rather than relaxing. You may find yourself working hard to get your baby to sleep, or that she won’t settle no matter what you do.

This course will explain why that’s happening and what your child needs. From there, you can “choose your own adventure” and pick the specific scenarios that match your situation.

This course covers:

  • Critical information you need before you implement
  • Strategies that apply to all scenarios
  • 21 specific bedtime scenarios that also apply to naps, such as can’t settle or gets wound up, takes forever, fine unless you leave, & nursing to sleep
  • Bonus: Nap-focused info, plus 8 more scenarios
  • FAQs: the most common questions parents ask me when starting this approach

What you’ll learn

  • What babies are actually fighting
  • Why it happens at sleep time
  • How to help them resolve it
  • What to expect with “falling asleep on their own”
  • How to get inside your child’s head to understand what’s going on
  • How to establish healthy communication habits

What it’s not

This is not a “sleep plan” on paper. We’ll be regarding your child as a whole person with innate skills. Rather than than overlaying a pre-made plan, you’ll find that success lies in understanding what affects your child’s state of being at bedtime and how to help him/her.

What you’ll gain in the end

It’s not just about sleep–which means you’ll gain more than just improved sleep! You’ll build connection, bonding, and listening skills, and gain tools for addressing challenging behaviors, as well as for lifelong communication.

I was having trouble helping my baby release that pent up stress, but we finally did it! We worked through your class and I was able to put her down for naps 3 times so far this week. I haven’t done that in months!! It’s such a relief to have that time back during the day!!

The course is fantastic! I’m finding it so helpful for both my baby and toddler. I can see my baby ‘talking’ to me, it’s amazing!

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact me directly if you still have questions. Here are some of the most common questions parents ask me.

When are the video calls?

Calls are weekly on Wednesdays:

1st & 3rd Wed’s: 6:00 pm Central (4:00 pm Pacific / 7:00 Eastern / 10:00 pm UK)

2nd & 4th Wed’s: 11:00 am Central (9:00 am Pacific / 12:00 pm Eastern / 5:00 pm UK)

If you can’t make the calls, you can still participate and reap the benefits! Send me your question and observations by email, then I’ll answer for you on the recording.

After addressing your question, whether you’re physically present or not, I open the ‘floor’ for other moms to share their experiences. 

How can this help me when my child keeps changing?

The foundational information given applies to all ages, so you’ll be able to return to it with new lens as you gain perspective.

I cover specific scenarios regarding both babies and toddlers, so you’ll be able to keep returning to this course as your child grows!

What ages does this course cover?

This course is appropriate for ages 0 to turning 3. It’s based on attachment and communication, not sleep training, so it doesn’t depend on a specific age of maturity.

All the foundational information provided applies to 3 and up as well, but specific scenarios can look different.

We've tried everything--what more can this give us?

If you feel like you’ve already tried everything and aren’t convinced one more program will help you, I hear you.

There’s some critical information you need that’s not understood or taught in common traditional advice. Approaches that don’t understand the root causes are limited by nature.

Once you know this information about what your baby is ‘fighting’ and how to see these patterns in your child across his/her ages and stages, you’ll have a huge advantage and a ton of insight.

Sleep is really about more than just sleep. In addition to addressing sleep, you’ll gain tools that will be an enormous support throughout your lives together, in terms of communication, relationship, handling challenging behaviors, and helping your child navigate stressful life sitations.

This approach keeps on giving, I guarantee!