Did you know that baby and toddler sleep troubles, extended crying, and challenging or strange behaviors can relate to their birth story? Your little one is an amazing bundle of communication and healing, seeking to understand and process his or her experiences. This can have a big impact on how deeply babies and toddlers are able to relax and feel safe–which can have a tremendous impact on sleep and behavior.

This a magical topic, and I’m excited to share this Modern Mamas Podcast interview with you!

Listen here: Ep. 80: Eliza Parker on how baby’s birth experience can affect sleep, crying, & behavior

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“In this episode, Laura sits down for a wisdom filled chat with Eliza Parker all about how birth experience can impact sleep, crying, and behavior in our littles. We share real life stories, talk about signs to look for, and actionable ways to help your little (and you) process birth experiences. This episode is fascinating!”